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Myths of Poker with Daniel Negreanu

Myths of Poker

Daniel Negreanu is one of the biggest names in the world of poker and one of the best guys to boot. With a multitude of titles and career earnings in the mass, is our ultimate poker legend. Nice Guys Finish Last. At least that’s how the saying goes. However, Daniel Negreanu is known for being one of the best guys in the poker industry and always finishes last, just the opposite; in fact, Negreanu is in the top 2 for income and has a live poker mass of bracelets and titles to his name.

Born in Toronto to parents of Romanian origin, Daniel knew in a relatively early age that he would end up playing poker, school dropouts to concentrate on his card after initially seeking to become a full-time professional snooker. Does anyone know snooker game taught him poker and he never looked back devote his life to improving his game, and affect as many casinos and pool halls as possible try to hustle everyone he could find.

Although it was not all smooth running bust bankroll Daniel when he moved to Las Vegas without having to return to Toronto for its reconstruction, completed construction of a bench that will hold its own map in the halls of Las Vegas. From this point Daniel never looked back and his talent grew Intoto monster of a poker player it is today.

His biggest development came in his ability to read other players at the table and he is seen regularly in televised tournaments telling his opponent exactly what he has before making the right call it is not very often that he is wrong. For young poker players looking to improve their reads on the game, they could do so much worse than to spend time studying Mr Negreanu. Over his career he has raked in over $13million in live poker earnings, specialising in tournament play but also contributing to some of the biggest televised poker cash games such as ‘High Stakes Poker’ and ‘Poker After Dark’. His earnings put him in 2nd position on the all time career earnings list, just behind Phil Ivey in 1st place.

His biggest successes have come in the World Series of Poker, where he has 4 bracelet victories and the World Poker Tour, where he has two Championship victories. Due to a couple of these wins, he was announced as Card Player’s Player of the year and the WSP Player of the year, both in 2004.  His bracelet wins on the WSOP unfortunately haven’t come in the Main Event, but have been in Pot Limit and Limit Hold’em and a SHOE tournament, all of which were $2,000 buy-in events. Imagine if he had won the Main Event, his earnings would be further through the roof but he is yet to improve on an 11th place finish here.

His biggest single win has actually come in the WPT at the 5 Diamond World Poker Classic where he took down the title for $1,795,218.  With the stakes getting higher and higher and the level of game these players are looking for constantly needing to push the boundaries, Negreanu has always been someone to look for action wherever possible, ending up in many different prop bets, usually featuring his other passion in life Golf.

Although this painting him as a person who only wants to take his life away, Negreanu uses much of her time with charities and gives a lot of money even for the less fortunate. It also has the respect of all his colleagues the benefits of being a good guy, he is likely to take you under his wing and guide you in a tournament since he is looking to destroy you.

It is this humility of the man who attracts you, and his infectious personality shines through in all major tournaments, but do not be fooled, underneath, gentle persona is a poker player who tries to clean yourself it is precisely why it occurs Legends of Poker profile.

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