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IDN PLAY – Tips on Playing Slot Machines Online


Are there idn play strategies to make you win more on slot machines online? Yes there are strategies to increase your chances of winning and many people have shared the strategies they have developed over the years that they have been following. Here are some tips you can use.

Play with Higher Denomination

Choose a machine that requires players to bet higher denominations. That is because these machines carry higher payback percentages. Penny slots have lowest payback at 90% while dollar slots have highest payback percentage at 99%.

What does it mean to have that 99% advantage? Besides the ups and downs of dry spells and jackpots, your entertainment money is also based on how long you play.

If the machine takes $2 for every spin and you pull the handle 15 times per hour, you are playing 2 x 15 x 60 ($1800) in action. With the 99% payback, your play only costs $18. So there will be days when you go home ready to kick the wall, but there will also be days when you will be humming a happy tune because you hit the jackpot.

Avoid Playing Complicated Games

This is the rule: the more complicated the game is, the lower the odds are for players. Do not be overwhelmed by the extra features. Those multipliers, bonuses and progressive jackpots don’t help. They don’t make games easier to play.

Instead, keep your plays simple and play only easy and non-complex games. Those games give the best odds for spins.

Play Free Slot Versions First

Play the free version of every title you are interested in. This way, you can play the game without having to pay real money. Use the free version to gain familiarity of the game and to develop your own strategy. This is how you prepare yourself while you get ready for the time that you want to play a new game with real money at stake.

Take Advantage of Slot Bonuses

Casinos lure potential customers by offering welcome bonuses to them. When you access their online sites, one of the things that you should do is to look for these bonuses.

Do not feel ashamed because you have taken advantage of free bonus offers. A casino wants to get all your money and empty your wallet without feeling any remorse, so don’t feel bad if you have signed up with several casinos and took all of their free spin offers. Don’t feel guilty when you withdraw all the money you have won via the free spin offers.

Be a Regular Player

When you make a deposit and place bets, the casino will give a matching point/ cash – sometimes, the equivalent value of your initial deposit. The system varies from casino to casino, but for most casinos, as long as the player plays a certain number of slots per week or per month, they match a player’s deposit 100%.

Regular players can also join tournaments. Play a selected slot. If your total wins are bigger than those of other players, the casino will give you real cash as the winner of the tournament.

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